Logo/Ad Specification


DISPLAY AD SIZES (ALL Ads Are Non-bleed)


Program Trim Size

8½" x 11 "


Full-page, inside front/inside back covers


Half-page horizontal

Half-page vertical



7¾" x 10¼"

7¾" x 10 ¼"

7¾" x 5"

3¾" x 10¼"

3¾" x5"

3¾" X 2¾"

$2000 / $1750







Please provide PDF files saved in the following way:

  • Supply a resolution no less than 300 dpi, preferably 350 dpi.
  • Embed all fonts and art.


  • Convert all colors, including color photographs, to CMYK for printing. (RGB files will print as grayscale, if at all.)
  • Do not apply custom (or printer) profiles to the art. Your profiles may not match those used by the printer.
  • Enrich large areas of black (40C, 40M, 40Y, 100K).
  • No Spot color
  • No bleeds.

Art and Photography

  • Digital art and photography supplied digitally must have a final resolution of at least 300 dpi. (Images copied from a website or embedded in a Word document will not reproduce at an acceptable resolution.)
  • Save raster-based art (such as Photoshop) as RAW or TIF; vector-based art (such as Adobe Illustrator) should be saved as EPS. Do not apply half-tone screens, transfer functions, or postscript color management when saving EPS files.
  • Do not apply JPEG or LZW compression because this will cause a loss of pixel data.


Please send the best possible quality logo. Even if your logo has been previously submitted, please send your current logo that meets the specifications below. Convert all colors to CMYK for printing.

Acceptable Formats, in Order of Preference

EPS (all fonts converted to curves)

PDF - high resolution, 300 dpi, 100% size

JPEG - high resolution, 300 dpi, 100% size

We can only guarantee best quality with EPS files that are submitted to specifications.

Note: Please do not send PNG files or any files that have been used in/as part of a website. Such files are not of high enough resolution for use in print.

Have a Production Question or Need an Ad Produced?

Contact Kelly Peters at 850-321-7907 or email media@veroairshow.com.

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