Private Chalets

Here is a very unique opportunity to WOW your business partners, clients and employees.

Consider renting a PRIVATE Chalet for up to 80 guests (40 guests each day) at the 2024 Vero Beach Air Show.

Five Chalets are available. These chalets are rented for the entire 2-day event (Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th) for $10,000.00.

Each chalet accommodates 40 guests each day. You can have up to 80 guests that weekend!

Your guests will receive a general admission ticket and a special wristband to allow them access to your chalet.


Chalet rental includes 40 chairs, 5 round dining tables and 2 (8ft long rectangular) buffet tables used by your caterer to serve up a delectable FEAST for your guests! The view from the Chalet gives your guests up-front, SHOW-Line viewing of the air show performers.

Please note: cooking is not allowed on Private Chalet sites. No hard liquor is allowed only beer and wine are permitted.

You must have an insurance certificate!

For more details please contact

**Map to location of chalets coming soon.

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